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Ernest F. Oriente of Power Hour®

Ernest F. Oriente
435-615-8670 fax
Park City, UT


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PowerHour® Leadership Academy, For Property Management Professionals

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Join our PowerHour Leadership Academy focused on G.R.A.C.E [Grow Revenue & Control Expenses].  And the services below are only available to one property management company in your city/market.

The focus of our weekly working together will include the following areas:
[1st week of each month] Learn and deploy the 19 best ways to develop great new prospects for those in need of your property management services and to expand your successful business development.

[2nd week of each month]Leverage and use the 16 most important areas to include in every presentation---when meeting with a prospective new client who wants to engage your property management services.
[3rd week of each month]Incorporate the 24 leadership skills that will help you and your property management company---win, with a focus on G.R.A.C.E. and the power of Thinking Big.

[4th week of each month] Control your business expenses ... helping you and your team deploy 21 industry-tested strategies and an understanding of how property management companies benefit from significant costs savings and industry best-practices. John and Ernest talk about implementing cost savings through the proactive use of technology, benchmarking, JIT, KANBAN, internal and external inventory control, marginal costs analysis, re-purposing, cross-training, vendor selection, RFPs, theft avoidance, internal and external audits and an overt conscientious use of resources.

[5th week of each month] Swing Big & Leverage Our 10X Strategies ... which is where we set aside four weeks each year (the fifth week of the month) to find money - big money. We focus on hitting home runs; discovering $100,000+ within your property management and asset operations. We laser in on what we can do with your property management organization and its assets under management to explode your cash flow and the net worth of your company---on the day you are ready to sell it.

Negotiating Expertise — focusing on 21 specific skills and techniques showing you how to ask for and get the full price for your property management services

Inbound Leads — turning leads into revenue, gaining industry referrals and industry best-practices for SEO/SEM + LinkedIn + Facebook

Client + Resident/Tenant Satisfaction — measuring it, leveraging it and using it to drive more new revenue

Our weekly working together will include the very best in website SEO the best in social media leadership, industry news and emerging trends with 13,000+ posts/comments already made by industry leaders, 60+ industry educational webcasts, 200+ topical industry articles written since 1995 and the power of SmartMatch Alliances.

And on the day you are ready to sell your property management company ]---it will be sold as premium tied to our working together.

Here's How It Works:

#1. Our weekly PowerHour Leadership Academy is only available to one company---in your city/marketing area.  This means...none of your local competitors will be permitted to join our PowerHour Leadership Academy for as long as we are working together.

#2. Each week you will be sent an E-newsletter that includes an audio program, a motivational quote for the week, a negotiating principle to work on, plus related articles to read or tools/resources that will help you and your property management team win.

#3. Each week you will be invited to join a live industry-wide conference call with property management leaders from around the world...to share ideas, learn from each other and to ask questions about the E-newsletter topic of the week.

#4. Each company will be sent one copy of SmartMatch Alliances to read, learn from and to discuss during our weekly live conference calls.  Additional copies can be purchased.

#5.  Each company will receive one leadership assessment which will generate a 23-page report on your leadership strengths, assets, knowledge, weaknesses and areas for improvement. Additional assessments can be purchased.

Meet your PowerHour® course presenters and property management experts:

Ernest F. Oriente

88+ years of combined expertise in the property management sector
36+ years of combined expertise coaching/guiding property management leaders, since 1995
Asset management of $300 million in portfolio equity
Asset management of 7 state region with 6,500 units and 35% in the construction phase
Asset management for publicly-held REIT overseeing a portfolio of 2,800 units in 16 states
Asset management of 186 LIHTC properties with $150 million in portfolio equity
Founder of Multifamily Insight 
Founder of Property Management Wikipedia
Founders of weekly PowerHour Property Management Leadership Academy
Author of Multifamily Insight Vol. 1: How to Build Wealth Through Buying the Right Multifamily Assets in the Right Markets
Author of SmartMatch Alliances
Author of How to Read a Rent Roll 
Founders of 6-hour audio course for How to Read a Rent Roll
Owner of the largest 20 property management LinkedIn groups in the world

To learn a bit more about our PowerHour team + our industry work since 1988…please click here  to read 166 pages of success our clients are enjoying, since 1995 + surf LinkedIn to see/read 132 specific recommendations about our PowerHour services and client results.

Below are three recent stories about our work in the property management industry and across the LinkedIn space.

*** PowerHour Weekly Property Management Leadership Academy Gives Members A Leading Edge ***

*** PowerHour Reaches 25 Million Multifamily Leaders ***

*** PowerHour Untethering Offices After 18 Years To Create Expansive Outreach Program To Serve Clients ***

To hear more about our focus on GRACE [Grow Revenue & Control Expenses], we encourage you to listen to our CEO thought-leadership webcasts below:

To learn more about our PowerHour® Leadership Academy and how we can help you and your leadership team win...please complete the form on the top right side of this page.

PowerHour® is a thought-leader in executive recruiting services, search engine optimization {SEO}, search engine marketing {SEM}, national WiFi , national real estate building insurance, utility bill auditing , employee policy manuals, social media strategic solutions, affordable housing LinkedIn® professional networking groups and investment banking consulting services and books and courses for our property management clients around the world. We deliver training on winning strategies for new growth, revenues and success in these areas: franchise options, acquisitions, buying and selling property management companies or real estate assets, financial analysis, asset disposition, referral requests, business development strategies and presentation success. Since 1995 PowerHour is the industry leader and author of the SmartMatch Alliances book, offers a 15-point audio course on ancilliary income and runs/moderates the largest property management LinkedIn® professional networking groups in the world with 130,000+ leaders sharing cutting edge industry knowledge. PowerHour® writes a regular, monthly column for 200+ industry apartment associations since 1995 and is the founder of the PowerHour® Leadership Academy. Follow us on Facebook® plus Twitter® and connect with us on LinkedIn®.

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